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Miami Beach, FL 33140
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Renee M. Grossman · Realtor, International Specialist · Phone:(305) 804-4302  · Send an Email

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Known for her curiosity, tireless energy, commitment to excellence, and 40+ year knowledge of Miami, Renée M. Grossman maintains a knack for connecting people to properties and helping them move from one to the next or acquire many. Because buying real estate is an emotional experience and often the greatest decision one will make, Renée makes certain to get to know her clientele —that is, as a person not just as a client. “I want to know what makes my clients tick, so I listen to them with a third ear, as an anthropologist would. This way, I truly hear what they’re saying and can clue in to their vision, aspirations, and the things they find important.

While earning her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Maryland and Florida International University, Renée started her sales career in the high-end fashion industry, selling designer shoes, where she outshined her colleagues with her professional demeanor, competitive attitude, style and fashion sense, and focus on giving shoppers the very best experience. Upon graduation, Renée shifted her focal point to the legal industry where she spent over 25 years at two “white-shoe” law firms, working as a senior analyst. Renée was known for strengthening existing client relationships, conducting research, analyzing data, being proactive, anticipating outcomes, and delivering solid results. After a long tenure, Renée took her sales and service skills, along with her critical thinking, Miami insight, and entrepreneurial spirit, to the real estate industry, where she has unleashed her inner sparkle.